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Connecting Alumni and Friends Since 1979

Connecting Alumni and Friends since 1979

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Stay connected with alumni and friends of University of Waterloo in Hong Kong.

This  group is managed by the University of Waterloo Alumni Association (Hong Kong), an independent and self driven organization established and run by alumni since 1979 in Hong Kong. UWAAHK focuses on social engagement among alumni and friends.

Ask an existing group member to add you to the group. If you ask to join the group, or send a friend request to "Danny Ying Uwaahk" (formerly "U Waterloo Hk"), we will need to see your Waterloo connection before admitting you to the group. We will only accept those who support UWAAHK as an independent and self-run organization.

Past Events

To better connect alumnis and students the uwaahk holds series of events per year 

Our Executive Team

Dominic Leung (Arts)

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Danny Ying (Math)

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Alan Yang (Eng)

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Vice President

Edmund Wong (Eng)

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Vice President

Jerry Yiu (Math)

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Vice President

Leticia Kwan (Math)

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